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Connected Women AI - Socially Responsible AI & Digital Task Outsourcing

Our Services

Image & Video Annotation
Language Annotation
Data Services

Image Classification

Classify images into predefined categories

Polygon Segmentation

Draw precise bounding polygons around an object

Bounding Boxes

Draw tight bounding boxes around objects

Named Entity Recognition

Identify and classify entities from unstructured text

Sentiment Analysis / Text Categorization

Identify different categories such as the sentiment of different texts

Audio Transcription

Human-trained ears to transcribe audio clips

Data Correction & Enrichment

Handle large volumes of data in one digital format

Language Translation

Translate texts or audio into a different language

Our Services

Get High-Quality Data Annotation Done, Easily, And Reliably

Highly Trained Annotators
We select the best-fit people for the job from our pool of highly trained women.

Fully Managed
You tell us what you need, and we will do the rest (Setup, hiring, training, quality assurance).

Quick and Easy
Pay a single vendor instead of hundreds of labelers. We abstract it all away so you can focus on your business.


We select only the people best fit for your needs.

Best Fit

We pick the best people for the job from a pool of thousands of women with different skills and backgrounds.


Our people undergo a stringent selection process for skill, detail orientation, and reliability before they can qualify to take on your job.


Often, the right people also need the right training.

Quality Assured

We are always measuring our performance and counter-checking our answers to ensure the highest-quality results.


Our labelers are regularly trained to give you consistent, reliable results.

Fully managed. Hassle-free.

We understand that data preparation and annotation is one of the most cumbersome parts of data science. Our mission is to make it your favorite step.

How? Through our fully managed process!

Using our contact form below, tell us what you need, send us your data and any tool you prefer us to use, and sit back and relax because you can consider it done!



Describe what you need, and we will send follow-up questions until we get to a common understanding.


Select And Train

We select labelers who are the best fit for your needs, and train them for the specific task at hand!



The exciting part – our passionate and highly trained team of labelers has started working on your data.


Output Delivery

We will then send you the output in JSON format or in the format of the tool you provide.

What our clients say

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of annotators is trained in multiple platforms. Describe what you need, and we’ll send follow-up questions until we get to a common understanding.

Data security and privacy are important to us. Our practices comply with international standards like the PDPA and GDPR. Communications between CW clients will be encrypted via industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS), TLS/SSL. Data will only be accessible to authorized personnel, all our labelers are under NDA. We will work with you to comply with your requirements in security measures.

Our fees vary depending on the volume and complexity of the task. Nevertheless, we can say that our prices will be very competitive compared to the amount of value and quality of service we bring. Just let us know what you need and we’ll get you a quote.
We know that not every project is the same. We treat every project with the care it deserves. Let us know about any special requirements and we’ll cater to your request.